Wheelchair hockey

Electric Wheelchair Hockey (EWH) is a sport for the disabled which has been practised in the world for more than a decade. It was developed in the 1970s in Netherlands by an enthusiastic hockey player who got injured and had to start using a wheelchair. In 2004 the first EWH World Cup took place in Finland. The International Commitee of EWH is intent on having this sports accepted as part of the Paralympic Games for year 2012.

On October 9th 2004, the first Estonian EWH club was created in Pärnu by three young members of EAMD. The hockey players of this club have already been abroad to compete with players from other countries. At this moment, EWH is one of the few sports games available for people using electric wheelchairs in Estonia, serving as a healthy and entertaining way to spend time, make new friends, and take part in social activities.

In case of suggestions or questions regarding EWH, see our contact information or write to ertsaalihoki @ hotmail.com.


EWH in Pärnu I
EWH in Pärnu II
A game in Finland, Helsinki vs Turu
A game between our Electric Warriors and Helsinki Outsiders